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SOLD - The Daffodils 12”x12” Mixed media
SOLD - Starry Starry night, 12”x12” Mixed Media
SOLD - "Spring Heralder” 12”x12” Mixed Media
"Waiting to Bloom”, 12”x12” Mixed media
"Magnolia Beauties” 12”x12” Mixed Media
"Trillium Treasures”12”x12” Mixed media
“Iris delight” 12”x12” mixed media
“Opening to the light”, 12”x12”, Mixed media
Nature’s love, 12”x12”, Mixed media
SOLD - Spring Song #1, 12”x12”, Mixed Media
Spring Song #2, 12”x12” mixed Media
Spring Song #3 12”x12” Mixed media

Each painting will be priced at a minimum of $200.That includes shipping and HST.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the paintings and in this way making a donation to Human-Nature Counselling and Consulting Society please contact me. I will reserve the painting for you.

Payment can be made through an on-line banking e-transfer or PayPal

Artists Statement: This Spring, from March 19th, when everything shut down, due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, life as I knew it seemed to be held in a type of suspended animation. Nothing was the same and a feeling of sadness and listlessness set in. One of the ways that helped me to feel grounded and comforted, was to walk through the forest behind my house.
As I slowly walked, I became aware of the small signs of Spring appearing on the dark forest floor. It seemed that “Mother Nature” was rearing her head, waking up and continuing with the natural cycle of life, irrespective of what was going on with humanity.

These signs seemed to be metaphors of hope. They were lights in the darkness. Each time I noticed the first Daffodil, Dandelion and Grape Hyacinth I was reminded of the resilience of Nature. The beautiful Magnolia buds, waited to blossom and then burst forth. The Bleeding Hearts symbolized Nature’s love, and the Tulips and Irises heralded rebirth and new life.
As the summer progressed the Waterlilies in the lake, mired in the mud, opened to the Light.

As an artist I was inspired to express my feelings of sadness and wonder and paint these natural beauties. As I did this, I felt more hopeful and am eager to share this process of hope and healing with others.


Fundraising Idea: I decided that I would have an on-line show and sale of these paintings, so they could be shared and enjoyed by others. At the same time I wanted to donate the proceeds to a worthy charity. There are so many people and organizations in need of help right now.

The charity I decided to support is called ‘Human-Nature Counselling Society” co-founded by my son David Segal and his partner Katy Rose,10 years ago.This has just become a not-for- profit organization that supports youth, families and individuals across the life span, regardless of income. The organization delivers effective, innovative and accessible Nature-based Therapy services. It is unique, in that each individual is viewed as an embedded part of their family, community cultural systems and larger web of life. The healing power of Nature is acknowledged by the therapists and counsellors, who partner with the “Natural World” as a co therapist to enhance the therapeutic and healing process and well being of children, youth and their families.

The healing power of Nature and Art is something in which I strongly believe, and is especially important now, as so many people are suffering during the Covid 19 Pandemic.