Landscape and Seascapes

I am fascinated with the natural beauty around me and enjoy expressing this in my abstracted landscape paintings.

I am particularly drawn to the ocean, and am in awe of its energy, changing faces and the amazing creations underneath the surface. Through my mixed media and textural paintings I am attempting to express my feelings of awe and wonder towards the ocean, hoping also to encourage others to respect and preserve this miracle of “Mother Nature.”


All images copyright Jill Segal 2018. No duplication or use unless approved by the artist.

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White Water Magic, 24 x 30, Mixed Media, $975
Oxtongue Rapids, 22"x30", Mixed Media, $975
SOLD Ocean Joy, 36"x36", Mixed media, $1800
SOLD Ocean Inspiration/72"x 36", Mixed Media, $3600
Morning beachwalk #2, 36"x 48, mixed media, $2100
SOLD Ocean Inspiration #11, 24x36, Mixed media, $1200‏
Nature's Power and Glory #3,, 36x48, Mixed Media, $3300‏
Ocean Delight, 36”x36”, Mixed Media, $1800
Ocean Inspiration 2020 #1, 24”x24”, Mixed Media,$750
Ocean Inspiration 2020  #2, 24”x24”. Mixed Media, $750
Enchanted-Landscape, 12x12, Mixed media, $300
Magic Turtles 36x36, Mixed Media, SOLD
Enchanted-Forest, 24x20, Mixed-Media, $600
Splendour under the ocean, 40x30, Mixed media, SOLD
Turtle Delight #1, 36x36, Mixed-media, SOLD
Ocean Energy (orange#2), 24hx36w, acrylic
Coral Reef Enchantment, 40 x 30, Mixed media, SOLD
Enchantment under the ocean, mixed media, 30-x40, SOLD
Turtle Magic, 24”x24”, Mixed media, $750