For over fifteen years I have had the pleasure of experiencing Jill Segal’s art classes in a wide range of topics and mediums in various locations including: Caran d’Ache watersoluble crayons and fluid acrylics in Toronto; drawing mandalas in Peru; and, Acrylics, Collage and Yoga in Haliburton.

Jill is not only an accomplished artist but also an excellent teacher who is thoroughly prepared with an inspiring array of samples and on the spot demos. She is a kind, enthusiastic woman who is patient and encouraging. Her fondest wish is to provide an atmosphere of individual creativity and personal exploration. And, she does it.

Chris Marin, Toronto, ON and West Dublin, NS

Jill Segal’s art workshops are a reflection of her creative spirit, and her passion and professionalism as both artist and teacher. She provides opportunities for both playful discoveries, and helpful critiques. I will always feel honored and grateful to Jill for her mentorship, for her many delight filled learning experiences, and for her role in energizing my journey as artist.
Donalda Patenaude

I totally enjoyed your class and all the information I received and learned. I will definitely be using the techniques used in my future artwork. Also thank you for all the ‘you’ time you gave to each student. You give of yourself more that 125%. It is truly appreciated as I’m sure all the students did! Thank you for such a positive experience .

Taking classes with Jill has been an amazing experience. I feel very blessed to have learned from Jill, as she has so much knowledge to share. Sensitive to each students unique needs, she is infinitely wise and was always deeply encouraging to each student in the class. Although painting in a group, I always knew that Jill was still in-tuned to every student, and she understood my unique challenges and goals and supported me in becoming the artist I was meant to be. Design training had stifled my creativity, and so I found connecting with art as an artist infinitely challenging. Jill’s kind, supportive and encouraging manner of teaching, helped me take risks, loosen up, find my unique artistic voice and look at myself and my art in a friendly manner, rather then with a critical eye.


Sharon Kirsh

Jill is an absolutely fantastic instructor; She is generous with her knowledge (which is extensive),time and materials.

Jill is respectful and collaborative in her teaching and feed back. She brings out the artist in each of us in an entirely positive encouraging way. I would be happy to take this course again. Thank you jill for reawakening the muse.

I loved every minute of this course! The yoga was relaxing, inspiring and seemed to allow me to extend outside my comfort zone. Jill was so supportive and encouraging.

Students at the Halibuton School of the Arts

Jill is lovely, smiley and encouraging. She encourages creativity and provides inspiration through experimentation with materials, tecniques and design elements. She is very well prepared.
Cecilia McBride