Supply List – Beginner


Creative Explorations with  Acrylic and Mixed Media (Beginner)

Instructor Jill Segal.

 Acrylic Paint

I am suggesting some basic colours for those who are new to acrylic painting. It is recommended that you start off with good quality paints. (See Below)

You might want to add some other colours that you like,

or if  you already have paints you can use those.

Liquitex heavy body artist acrylic paint.

Titanium white 2oz

Mars Black  2oz

Pthalocyanine Blue (green shade) 2oz

Ultramarine Blue (red shade) 2oz

Cobalt Blue 2oz

Hansa Yellow light 2oz

Yellow orange Azo 2oz

Naphthol Red light 2oz

Quinacridone Crimson 2oz

Burnt Sienna 2 oz

Iridescent rich gold 20z

Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish 8fl oz

Liquitex Gloss Gel 8floz

(If you are more experienced and would like to add some  Golden Fluid acrylics. These are beautiful colours that I like. (They are much more expensive)

List of Golden Colours

Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold

Quinacridone Violet

Green Gold

Jenkins green

Cerulean blue

Cobalt Turquoise.

Dioxesene Purple

Titan Buff


1/2” flat (acrylic or watercolour brush)

1” flat (acrylic or watercolour), If shopping at curry Art supplies  (Currys series 2601

#12 round brush (Curry’s series 3500 or something similar)

 2”  soft wash brush

Rubber brayer (roller)

Palette knife. Metal or plastic. 2 different sizes.

Paper and canvas

For the first couple of sessions we will be using  watercolour paper and cut it into 4.

Minim 2 sheets Fabriano Studio watercolour Paper 140lbs cold pressed or Strathmore 140lb cold press watercolour paper, or a mixed media paper.

Later in the class you can paint on stretched canvas 16”x20” or larger if you want to.

Watercolour Crayons

Caran D’ache water-soluble crayons Neocolor 11 set of 10,

Tissue Paper 

 1pkt of White Tissue paper, (This can be bought at Michaels)

For those who want to use fancy tissue paper you can see the website



look at their Watermark tissue. I like Uzumaki white full sheet (spirals).

You don’t need to get these for the initial sessions. I’ll talk about them later.

Things  you might like to start  collecting for collage

Magazines, newspapers, old photos, personal sketching and writing, music sheets, stones, sand, stencils, stamping objects (Not postage stamps)


Note book or sketch book (Canson has a sturdy sketch book for mixed media 9×12”)

Pencil, pen

Paper plates for palette or disposable paper palette

Containers for water 2

Paper towel

White “Glad’ Garbage bags at least 6 or more. (We will put our tissue paper on these when we paint them)

Apron (Acrylic can be messy)

A plastic cover for your table

masking tape